Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy 

  • Prioritise Customer needs (Customer Satisfaction).
  • Increase the company’s value by improving individual competence, efficiency and cost optimisation.
  • Develop a company culture based on a clear commitment to continuous improvement: challenging objectives, continuous monitoring and appropriate corrective actions.
  • Follow and maintain standards of ethical behaviour within and outside the company (with Customers and Suppliers).
  • Involve the whole organisation in the quality policy and in the company’s objectives.

Environmental Policy 

  • The Zakatrans Environmental Policy establishes the commitment of all levels of the organisation to the sustainable development of its Internet and connectivity service provision activities by means of the following principles:
  • Prevent pollution and foster the continuous improvement of products and services, seeking to fulfil the objectives and goals set out in the Environmental Management System.
  • Comply with prevailing environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which the company is bound, identifying any negative environmental impact of the activity in order to eliminate or minimise it.
  • Contribute to the conservation of natural resources, promoting the rationalisation of energy consumption and the recycling of materials.
  • Involve all levels of the organisation and those working for it, ensuring that responsibilities and operating procedures are precisely defined, updated and communicated appropriately.
  • Zakatrans is committed to the continuous improvement of its Policy, by means of procedures and instructions that ensure that the values expressed herein are reflected in the behaviour of its staff and collaborators.