Freight transport to Poland

International freight transport, shipping, and distribution of goods play a key role in today’s global economy. Poland has turned into a European logistics centre of significance.

In this article, we will describe different types of freight used to ship goods to Poland and point out the most common and efficient options.  

Types of freight methods for shipments to Poland

Freight shipping to Poland can be carried out using various routes.  

Taking into consideration the type of goods you want to ship and the delivery terms, you can pick the option that best meets your needs. Ground freight, however, is still the most common, efficient, flexible, and economical alternative.

Ground freight

Ground freight is an essential element in the delivery of international shipments to Poland, especially from neighbouring countries.  

Poland is perfectly connected through the European road and motorway network, which, in turn, enables fast and efficient shipping of goods.  

Lorries and trucks are most commonly used for this kind of shipment. It also offers route and schedule flexibility, thus making ground freight the best possible way to deliver all sorts of goods, regardless of their type or size.  

Ocean freight

Ocean freight is another alternative for international trade with Poland.

Polish sea ports, such as Gdansk, Szczecin and Gdynia, are major arrival points for shipments from all over the world.

One of the advantages of this method is the possibility to make large-sized shipments at competitive prices. However, it might imply longer delivery terms in comparison with those provided by ground freight.  

Rail freight

Rail freight is not as commonly used as ground freight.

The geographic location of Poland as a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe makes it a strategic point for international rail routes.

Rail freight is efficient, in terms of costs and carbon emissions, especially for long distances and heavy loads. It is not, however, as accessible as the land logistics.   

Air freight

Air freight is a perfect choice for time-sensitive and high-value goods.

The international airports in Warsaw, Krakow and other Polish cities are important logistics hubs that ensure fast and efficient delivery of goods from around the world.

This type of freight is particularly suitable for perishable, pharmaceutical or high-tech electronic goods.  

The possible downside of such freight is its cost, which is considerably higher than other freight options.  

Freight transport logistics and shipping of goods to Poland is a key factor in the international trade.

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